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ThermaCor 1200™ Rapid Thermal Infusion System used in first Trauma, Vascular and Liver Transplant Cases

Smisson-Cartledge Biomedical LLC (SCB), an innovator in life saving cardiovascular devices, announced today that its ThermaCor 1200 Rapid Thermal Infusion System has been used successfully in multiple clinical cases in the United States and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The ThermaCor 1200 Thermal Infusion Technology was put into clinical use at John Hopkins Hospital and at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. All of the initial clinical cases have reported that the ThermaCor 1200 Rapid Thermal Infusion System performed exceptionally well. Some procedures lasted over 10 hours and required liters of blood and fluid volume replacement. In all cases, the ThermaCor 1200 helped to maintain the patient�s normothermic temperature. Many of the clinicians noted that the ThermaCor 1200 Infusion System was one of the easiest systems to set up and utilize.

"We believe the ThermaCor 1200 establishes a new standard of care in terms of ease of setup and clinical operation and we will be expanding the product launch in 2010" stated David C. Field, President and CEO of SCB. He further stated that, "The ThermaCor�s patented dry, high efficiency heat transfer and the pump�s automated air trapping and elimination system provides one of the highest levels of safety and performance".

The ThermaCor 1200 Rapid Thermal Infusion System is indicated for use over a full range from slow feed to rapid, high flow infusion of: crystalloid, colloid, or blood product, including packed red blood cells, as volume replacement for patients suffering from blood loss due to trauma or surgery; warmed fluid to re-warm patients after surgery or for hypothermia; and warmed fluid for irrigation in urology procedures. ThermaCor 1200�s revolutionary patented cassette is designed to facilitate quick and easy setup, with minimal training, in order to help minimize blood loss in urgent situations.

Smisson-Cartledge Biomedical, LLC (SCB) is a provider of clinically superior and economically beneficial therapeutic solutions for the treatment of thermal infusion patient care.

For more information on the ThermaCor 1200, please contact:

Calder B. Clay
VP of Operations
Office: 478-744-9992

Thermacor is a registered trademark of Smisson-Cartledge Biomedical, LLC