21st Century
Rapid Infusion

For all your critical clinical needs, the ThermaCor 1200 Rapid Infuser is the one to choose. From Trauma to Postpartum Hemorrhaging, the ThermaCor Infuser is safe, fast to set-up, and easy-to-use with the capabilities to meet your clin

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  • OR/Transplant

    OR / Transplant

    The ThermaCor 1200 Rapid Infuser is designed with the transplant patient in mind.  It can deliver a continuous supply of fluid or 4 pre-set boluses.

  • Trauma


    From gunshot wounds to tragic accidents, the ThermaCor 1200 Rapid Infuser, with a flow rate up to 1200 mL/min, meets your fluid replacement needs.

  • Labor and Delivery

    Labor & Delivery

    When Postpartum Hemorrhaging (PPH) occurs, the ThermaCor 1200 Rapid Infuser is ready.   From fast setup to ease-of-use, it meets your critical needs

  • Pediatrics


    Pediatric patients require special clinical considerations. Lower pressures, slower flow rates and smaller boluses are part of the ThermaCor Infuser


  • Sterile, quick loading, one-latch cassette
  • Primed and ready in less than 60 seconds


  • Patented ShurGard Vortex Air Trap
  • Efficiently removes air at high flow rates
  • Only purges when sensors detect sufficient air is collected
  • Four separate air detection sensors
  • Fast, easy recovery from fluid out


  • One touch bolus operation
  • 4 pre-set bolus selections:
    100, 250, 500, 1000 ml
  • Controlled rapid bolus delivery
  • Auto-return to slow flow setting
  • Precise, safe volume control

Advanced Safety Technology

  • Continuous monitoring of 4 temp sensors, 4 air sensors and 3 pressure sensors
  • Clear, concise directions speed recovery from alarms
  • Ensures rapid return to continuous infusion




  • Dry, conductive heat transfer
  • High efficiency WaveForm heat exchanger
  • Targeted 40ºC continuous heating at all flow rates
  • Safe temperature controlled management


  • Greater safety for pediatric and geriatric patients
  • Automatically reduces flow based on pressure selected
  • 300 or 100 mmHg pressure limits
  • Facilitates connection to any catheter with reduced risk of catheter site damage


  • Up to 2-hours reserve power
  • Minimum 30 minutes at maximum flow rate (1200ml/min)
  • Full range of flow rates from 10 ml/hr to 1200 ml/min with Bolus capability


  • Multiple clinical applications
  • 1,000's of successful patient outcomes


“It was a heartbreaking case but an all too common one.  A two-year-old ejected from a high velocity MVC.  Injuries include traumatic brain injury, multiple rib fractures, left femur fracture.  Abdominal FAST US was positive.  Patient was tachycardic and hypotensive.  We were losing volume fast.  After the first NS bolus, we realized we needed to deliver more volume and faster.  It was perhaps the most amazing phenomenon in terms of how easy it was to prime the ThermaCor pump without having to worry about cavitation and inadvertently infusing micro air emboli! We decided to activate the MTP and for the first time in modern history, we were able to use a rapid infuser on a pediatric patient!  It gave us the choice to mitigate our volumes and regulate how fast we were transfusing our PRBCs!  The trauma attending and I looked at each other impressed with this piece of machinery.  Pure stroke of genius.”

Maricar CabralTrauma Clinician, RN, CCRN
Major US Children's Medical Center



“Just used the ThermaCor and it was SO EASY!! 8 yr old hemorrhagic shock from gun shot wound. Pretty much dead on arrival ---- transfused 3 units of blood. Super easy!! Everyone here agrees without it the patient would’ve died. Had to share and thank you!!”

Quote from Nursing Director at a major US Children's Trauma Center 



“We have been using the ThermaCor 1200 Infuser as the standard of care for our liver transplant cases since 2010.  I wanted to let you know that your device has never let us down during a critical procedure and is an integral part of every transplant surgery.”

Taiseer AlhasmiManager, Anesthesia Department
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia



Bringing Rapid Infusion into the 21st Century

The ThermaCor® 1200 Rapid Infusion System is the first full range, portable rapid infusion system capable of delivering flow rates from 10 mL/hour up to 1200 mL/minute.

Neither microwave technology nor electromagnetic induction is utilized to heat blood while using the ThermaCor® 1200. Safe and more natural dry thermal transfer technology is utilized to heat blood while using the ThermaCor® 1200.