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Shurgard Vortex Airtrap: Automated Air Trapping and purging even at rapid flow rates

ThermaCor 1200 was born out of a belief that existing fluid infusion systems lacked the functionality and ease of use needed in a wide array of surgical environments. In a collaborative 10-year effort, Doctors Hugh Smisson and Richard Cartledge worked to develop a solution to this problem. The result is a portable, rugged, easy to use fluid infusion device capable of warming and infusing fluids at rapid rates and of sustaining patients in traumatic injury situations.

A Revolution in Medical Infusion Systems

The ThermaCor 1200 technology is ideally suited for use in a broad spectrum of medical procedures where heated fluid infusion is the key to successful patient outcome.

Neither microwave technology nor electromagnetic induction is utilized to heat blood while using the ThermaCor 1200. Safe and more natural dry thermal transfer technology is utilized to heat blood while using the ThermaCor 1200.

Procedures such as:

  • Hypothermia Patients
  • Resuscitation
  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Transplant Surgery
  • Irrigation
  • Urological Procedures
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Major Aortic Aneurysms
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Cancer Treatment
  • And More



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